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Using Smoke For Live Removal

Smoke Works Like Magic When Removing A Hive

A smoker may appear to be insignificant among the other tools brought on site during a live removal, but in fact it’s probably the most essential. Without the smoker, removing bees alive could put our technicians at more risk than they already are by tampering with a hive of loose cannons.

Fortunately, the smoke from the smoker is used to calm the bees so that they are not as aggressive. Now you might be wondering how something as simple as white smoke can turn the aggressive behavior of a provoked bee into a docile, nonthreatening insect.

The answer is that the smokes disguises the alarm pheromones that bees emit during an attack or when threatened. Also, the smoke imitates a fire which causes the bees to feed on honey since it is perceived that they will need to abandon the hive. After consuming the honey, the bee becomes lethargic and less likely to sting. The concept is very similar to what humans do and how they feel after overeating.

While the technique has been used since ancient times, the scientific explanation was not discovered until the 20th century.

In the video, you can see how we apply the smoke to the hive so that are bee specialist are not attacked during the removal process.


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