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Testimonial On Saving Bees

Customer States Why She Chose Live Bee Removal Over Alternatives

Dealing with a honey bee infestation is never the height of anyone’s day. But, there definitely positive that can result from the negative. Our customers from San Juan Capistrano found that out after their live bee removal service. After repeated problems with honey bees in their home, they wanted a solution for the infestation while keeping the bees alive.

They wanted the bees to be able to continue to grow the colony in a more suitable place to contribute to our need for bee colonies. Although, bee removal wasn’t a service that our customers wanted to deal with, they chose to make a positive impact on our environment by keeping the bees alive. Our live bee removal service, offers unwanted honey bees the chance to be relocated at a bee farm in southern California.

To begin the extraction process, we had to cut a small hole on the underside of the stucco roof eave – which was later repaired to its original condition. We found several pounds of honeycomb and thousands of bees within the eave. Methodically, we were able to collect the bees with our specialized bee vacuum and remove the honeycomb inside. Then, after a thoroughly cleaning of honey and pieces of honeycomb, we were able to repair the cut out portion.

So, bee removal is probably not anything to look forward to, but if it does occur, saving a colony can be more rewarding than you can imagine.


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