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Live Bee Removal On Roof

Bee Hive Removed From Rooftop in Orange County

The temperament of a bee colony is attributed to their genetics. Generally, European honeybees are calmer than Africanized but will still attack when provoked. That’s why it’s our policy to always wear full bee suits to protect from stings and allergic reactions. In this video you will see our bee removal technicians suited up with every inch of their body covered by a white jumpsuit, blue latex gloves, and a vented veil.

Although the bees captured in the footage appear to be docile, it is always a good precaution to wear protective gear.

This live bee removal service in Orange County demonstrates the extensive, yet rewarding, process of removing a colony alive and relocating them to a new home. Each piece of honeycomb is removed and the honey bees will be collected and temporarily stored in a cylindrical cage.

From the first-person perspective in the video, you can see the thousands of bees nesting just above the ceiling. As you can imagine it does take some time, but saving the bees is beneficial all around. You get the hive off your property and contribute to the fading honeybee population, and the bees can continue to live in a place intended for them – an orange grove.

The honey bees we collect are relocated to a bee farmer in San Marcos, CA that uses the colonies to pollinate orange trees.


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