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Live Bee Removal From Ceiling

Determining Best Cut Out Area For Live Bee Removal

The location of the hive and the layout of a home or structure are taken into consideration when determining how to access the bees. Our bee removal specialists do a thorough inspection to decide on an ideal spot to cut out a portion of the structure to access the bees. Since most hives are hidden in an enclosed area, small cut outs are necessary to effectively extract the hive.

In the video above, our bee technicians determined that removing the nest from inside via the ceiling of this home in San Diego was a better route than from the roof or exterior. When doing live removals, floor and wall coverings are appended to prevent alterations or damage. Also, windows and doors are closed so that the honeybees do not escape or fly to other parts of the home.

This San Diego resident allowed us to film the removal process and restore the home. As you can see from the video, the ceiling was returned to normal with original materials. We do not supply paint, but if provided will gladly paint the area to original color.


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