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Bridge Bee Extermination

Exterminating Bees From High & Low Places

A bee colony does not always establish nests in areas that are convenient to access. As shown in this footage, the bee hive began to thrive just underneath the rail transit bridge in North County San Diego.

Most hives are enclosed with a structure, but the underside and height of the bridge provided enough protection and defense against predators for the bees to decide on this spot.

Whenever a honey bee’s nest is positioned in a inaccessible location, specialized equipment may be used to ensure safety and an effective removal. In this case, we used a boom lift to reach the bees. It was a long haul up, but once we resolved the height challenge, we were able to immediately exterminate the exposed hive.

About 30 pounds of honeycomb was removed and a sanitation procedure was included to prevent another hive from returning. The scrubbing of the concrete slab after the the extermination was finished was the sanitation procedure used to eliminate pheromone scents.


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