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Stadium Light Pole Removal

Bee Eradication From High Up At A San Diego High School

You might not think there is much going on 30 ft. above your head, but you might find there is more activity up there than you would expect.

The number of people that passed underneath this hive unaware of all the activity going on not far from them is probably remarkable. The hive would have probably gone unnoticed to this day, if it wasn’t for a new stadium lighting system at Torrey Pines High School in San Diego, CA. The construction workers could not take down the light pole with the hive inside. These bees were moderately aggressive and the risk of an attack was not worth taking.

This bee removal was not like most of our other jobs – this one was a little higher up than usual. Not even a 20 ft. ladder could reach this hive, nor would we recommend using one in this situation. The solution was to obtain a boom lift that could send us high and provide a working platform to successfully remove the bees.

One of our bee specialists was lifted in the air to access the hive and immediately began the extraction service. The treatment went smoothly and we were able to capture some great video while up in the sky. You can see in the video that not all the bees were eradicated from the initial application, so holes were drilled into the sides of the pole to apply our products. The result was no more bee problem at the school and the pole could come down.

All potential entries points were sealed using caulk and we were able to return to the ground – a job well done!


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