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Bee Nesting Places

Various Exterior Locations A Bee Hive Will Reside

Inside the roof eaves or wall voids is a very common area for a hive to nest, but there are other less common spots that you can find a hive. From irrigation boxes to unused appliances in the yard, bees will head to any covering that provides protection from weather elements and predators.

In this video, you will see a hive that set up in an abandoned birdhouse nestled in the overgrown grass. This location seems suitable since, the bees are out of sight from most predators and in an area that is less likely to be disturbed. However, honey bees generally tend to nest at higher spots. Being located just off the ground in the birdhouse gave us an advantage for easy access to the hive

But how do honey bees decide where they will build their honeycomb and sustain their colony? The process is not arbitrary, but rather very calculated. It’s a group effort performed by scout bees from a nearby swarm. The scout bees will evaluate the surrounding area to find a location that meets the needs from a colony to thrive (decent space, shelter, nearby food and water sources, and protection from threats). After the evaluation the scout bees will report back to the swarm and choose a nesting area that is the most suitable. The method in which the scout bees will communicate their findings to the swarm is through a “waggle dance.”

A waggle dance is very much similar to how it sounds. The bee will waggle in a figure-eight to promote the possible nesting location. The duration of the waggle is directly related to the distance of the finding. Also, the more rapid the bee waggles its abdomen, the more excited it is about the spot and the more it will attempt to convince the swarm.

So when you see a bee hive located in a roof, underneath a shed, or inside a tree, know that ample research and consideration was used before moving in.


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