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Watch: Bee Honeycomb Removal 

Learn More About Honey Bees & Secondary Infestations

The number of problems that coincide can stack up quickly if both honeybees and honeycomb are not properly removed from a home or structure. In the video above, we provide some narrative and clips of a honeycomb removal service to educate you on how bee infestations can do more than just house bees.

Some points mentioned and seen in the video are the trails of ants heading towards the leftover honeycomb after a bee removal. Ants are attracted to the sweet sugars in honey, thus leaving you with not only honeycomb but an ant problem as well. Also, since honeybee nests are often hidden in an enclosement, you may only being seeing the tip of the iceberg. The real problem is just behind the covering.

Thousands of honeybees and several pounds of honeycomb can be located just near the few bees buzzing in and out of an entry.


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