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Removal & Repair in Anaheim

A Complete Bee & Honeycomb Removal in Anaheim

Honeybees can squeeze into entries as small as 1/8 inch. This video is proof that a large, welcoming open door is not need for an infestation. In this case, the bees pushed their way under a shingle on the roof in order to gain access to into the roof eaves.

Fortunately, our bee removal technicians are experienced to locate the exact position of the hive underneath the roof covering. As you can see for the video, the complete bee & honeycomb removal process is extensive and requires some carpentry experience.

Once the small portion of the roof was removed, a large amount of honeycomb and honeybees were exposed. The bees were carefully extracted using a specialized bee vacuum and then the honeycomb was removed from the opening. Notice the different colors on the honeycomb. Older honeycomb will have been previously used to store honey and larvae. This use can cause the comb to darken, while the newest sections will be a lighter color – and the honey probably looks much more tasty from this end.

The remaining pieces attached to the walls are scraped off and a pheromones are disguised with a coating to deter other hives from nesting in this same location. Then, with our experience and tools we are able to assemble the cut out portion back to its original condition – the only thing different is the hive is removed and won’t return. The work is insured and guaranteed to be restored so the before and after are indistinguishable.


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