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It went very well. I called on Monday, they came out at the appointed time on Tuesday for the estimate and to spray the area. They came on Wednesday during the scheduled time window of 8-11 a.m. It took about 2 1/2 hours to do the work. They took photos as they worked to show me exactly what was done. Clean up was so efficient, you’d never know they were there! They did such a superb job that I would not hesitate using them again.”

Laurel K. – Mission Viejo, CA

Pro Pacific promptly visited our home when our garage seemed to be overcome by bees (in my book, overcome = more than two ; ) ). They correctly and calmly let us know that we only had scouts moving through, and since we had made our home as unfriendly as possible, they would most likely not return. They were prompt, professional, and informative and didn’t attempt to sell us a service that we didn’t need. We are thankful that we did not need to hire them after all, but we wouldn’t hesitate to call them first if we needed their services in the future.

Abby K. – Carlsbad, CA

Pro Pacific was extremely professional. From the moment I contacted them for a bid, to the moment they finished the work, the experience was excellent. I had contacted two other Angie’s List bee removal companies besides Pro Pacific. All of them sent someone out to my property to assess the bee situation, and all of them provided a quote for the cost of the work. One contractor was half the cost, but did not provide a written estimate, only verbal- on the spot- and the quote did not include the repair work for the opening of the roof. Pro Pacific and the other contractor were about the same cost, but Pro Pacific provided a professionally written proposal, itemizing the costs, as well as proof of license and insurance. They were courteous, informed us when they would send the proposal, and called to give us a time they’d arrive on the location, so we wouldn’t be left to wait on them. They answered our questions and put us at ease. I highly recommend this company to anyone needing to remove bees or other pests. They were in and out without any complications and the bees are gone for good. Thanks Pro Pacific!

Cheryl D. – Chula Vista, Ca

I discovered bees in my house yesterday afternoon, Called Pro Pacific Pest Control. Eric came over within the hour to check it out. He said that the bees were not yet established and that he could get rid of them right then. The price was right and the job was done before it was dark. Voila! One happy customer! I would definitely recommend them again.

Kenneth & Mary J. – Rancho Bernardo, San Diego, CA

I did not spend anything. The technician came out and looked at it. These bees go around in certain locations and they scout in places where they think that a good nest will be. They either stay or they go. In this case, they ended up leaving. So, he said that if they were gone then they were gone and that he would not worry about it which was very cool. I would grade them highly and give them five stars rating across the board for sure. They were great in terms of their responsiveness and treatment. I would definitely use them again in the future.

Jon D. – Mission Viejo, CA

Took out honeycomb from wall, approx 150 lbs. Patched the wall and sealed where the bees were getting into the house. There was no mess at all, the wall patch was great and there have been no bees since. The men that came were great. They knew how to do their job and were very neat.

Beverly D. – San Diego, CA

The technician determined that there was a bee hive in structure, and that it likely did not need to be removed, but just the bees exterminated. Other firms tried to persuade us over the phone that we needed to remove the hive, and at a much higher cost.

Nelson Z. – Laguna Niguel, CA

Bee removal from two entrenched honeycombs in the roofline and drywall. It took multiple treatment and they came quickly to take care of the additional services which were included in the original pricing. The staff was very knowledgeable and helpful.

Great service and personnel. Very prompt telephone response, initial on-site visit, treatment and follow-up.

Trudy D. – Poway, CA

They were referred to me by another company. I was completely satisfied with them. They knew what the bees mindset were. They had to come three times as they tried different methods. The second and the third time they came they did not charge anything for it. I would definitely recommend them to other people. Everything went very well. I was able to arrange for everything over the phone. I did not even have to be there. They had the technicians call me directly and explain everything that was complicated. I had two different gentlemen explaining things to me as I did not understand them. They were excellent. This was the best experience I have had in five years. The price they charged me was fair. These guys were really on spot and accessible. They used a product which was eco friendly. They were very responsive. The girl in the office was always answering the phone. They answered all the questions I had even after 5 in the night. They showed up early when I needed them to. They were here exactly when they said they would be. They did not give me any excuses. I wish they would have left more business cards so that I could give it to my neighbors.

Besty C. – Coronado, CA

A small bee swarm arrived at the house 7/21/10. We called Pro Pacific for a next-day appt. Technician arrived and was able to remove bees by vacuum. The bees appeared to not be Africanized and so were to be moved to a new location. Technician was friendly and professional, completed the job quickly. My daughter is allergic to bees, so the quick removal was very appreciated. Not too many bee removal companies in the Mira Loma area, so we are glad this company is nearby, experienced, and quickly available.

Judith R. – Mira Loma, CA

*Angie’s List is the source for the reviews above. See additional reviews for our service on our Yelp page.


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