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Testimonial: Bee Eradication

A Successful Extraction & Happy Customer After An Unsuccessful Do-It-Yourself Attempt

Effective bee removal is not simply using a combination of household chemicals or supplies – it’s much more extensive and skilled! Our bee removal specialist are licensed and trained to apply techniques and products that guarantee no more bees. Hives can be setup in areas that are difficult to reach. Knowing how to safely access the nest is important to prevent injury and be able to eliminate the entire hive.

Our valued customer, Clifford Delaney, had a hive located inside the walls of a jacuzzi at his Moreno Valley home. “We tried to throw gas on it, bleach, and other household chemicals that we felt would kill it” said Delaney. Unfortunately, this method was unable to get rid of the bee problem, but the positive side is that no one was injured during the attempt.

Delaney eventually called us to remove the bees and the hive had grown very large by the time we went out there. We were able to eradicate the bees and remove any honeycomb near the pump of the hot tub. After all the remnants were cleaned, area exposed to the hive was treated to disguise any pheromones left behind. If bee pheromones were still present, another hive would be able to sense this and identify it as a suitable place to nest.

Honeycomb and pheromone removal are important to the whole bee removal process, so that bees will stay gone.


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