Honey might be sweet… but the sting of a bee is not. While there is plenty of buzz over bees dying at alarming rates, the presence of a hive can spell danger for homeowners and businesses alike.

A child’s allergies or a puppy’s curiosity is a good reason to either relocate or eradicate the hive before the situation escalates. While Google might present some do-it-yourself solutions, the safest way to handle bees is to have them professionally removed.

Of course, before investing in a professional service the question must be asked: will this work or will they just come back? Residents of San Diego have been asking this question and found the answer in Pro Pacific Bee Removal. Ranked number one for bee removal in San Diego, this business success is modeled after ensuring a long-term solution in bee removal. Since 1997, we have delivered proven results on effective and safe bee removal, extermination, and bee proofing a home.

So, the answer is no, they won’t come back – if you know who to call!

Removal, not Extermination



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The difference of a single word demonstrates the goal of a business. It is important to note the first goal with bees is to remove them, not exterminate them. It is true bees are experiencing a decline in numbers across the globe. With the rate of collapse increasing, an eco-friendly option is the better route. Pro Pacific is able to offer extermination only as a last resort, but removal is always explored first.

The process of removal keeps the bees alive and simply relocates the hive. Pro Pacific Bee Removal works with a local apiary to find a new home after honey bee removal in San Diego. Oftentimes the bees are able to pollinate an agricultural area, creating a win-win solution for all involved. The removal process involves specialized equipment to safely remove and transport the colony to their new home.


Complete Removal


To ensure a new colony doesn’t move in once the old one is taken out, Pro Pacific also extract what is left of the honeycomb. Without the pheromone scents of an abandoned honeycomb, other colonies won’t be attracted your home. Another reason this bee removal in San Diego is so effective involves the steps taken to bee-proof your home. An expert is able to evaluate the home and identify potential hive homes and help proactively prevent a new infestation.

bee removal completion


Total Confidence


Pro Pacific Bee Removal is the trusted bee removal source for San Diego because of the confidence in our ability throughout the city. All of our services come with strong warranty policies, guaranteeing our return in the unlikely event that your pest problem does. The warranties range from 30 days on live bee removal, extermination, and scout bee treatment. For the more intense honeycomb removal, there is a one-year warranty, while expert input on bee proofing comes with a two-year warranty.

Our goal is to provide the best bee removal capabilities in San Diego as well as a commitment to customer service. Request a free estimate today to find out how Pro Pacific Bee Removal can help your home tomorrow.