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Pro Pacific Bee Removal has been servicing all of Orange County since 1997. We are a full service bee removal company that puts customer satisfaction at a top priority. We ensure that the bee problem is gone and that you are happy with your service.


We offer a variety of bee removal services for the different stages of a bee problem.

  • Live Bee Removal
  • Bee Extermination
  • Live Bee Removal
  • Bee Proofing
  • Swarm Removal
  • Scout Bee Treatment


What Service Is Right For You?

The length the bees have been on your property and their location will determine the most suitable bee removal service.
Honeybee Swarm In Tree

For example, if you just noticed the honeybees on your property and there is a ball of them in a tree or another open area – this is most likely a swarm (see photo on right). Bee swarms can be extracted using a live bee removal service or bee extermination. A swarm is only temporary since they are looking for a permanent location to nest. So the swarm eventually will move to another area permanently – you just don’t want the new area to be your home.

However, if you’ve had the bee infestation on your property for more than a few days, the problem is here to stay. A full bee removal service is recommended to remove the hive and prevent another infestation. A bee eradication service and honeycomb removal are recommended to accomplish these goals.

Honeycomb Exposed After Removing Roof Cover

A hive will usually reside in an enclosed area. You will see only the tip of the iceberg when you have a permanent infestation. Once the covering is removed, you may find a giant hive underneath. Common enclosed areas bee colonies tend to nest in are roof eaves, irrigation boxes, underneat shed flooring, unused appliances and birdhouses. The image to the left is honeycomb that was hidden in the roof eaves of a residential home. Once a piece of the covering was removed, a mass of a sticky, hexagonal-cell structure was revealed.


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Actionable tasks that you can apply to prevent a bee infestation on your property!

Our specialists have offered you some advice to keep a bee swarm or hive away from your home. Preventing the problem is always easier than eradicating it. Use these top tips to keep your home bee-free... [ more ]

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