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Being the starting place for the citrus industry in California, the city of Riverside offers plenty of resources for honey bees to thrive. If you are noticing bee activity on your property now, let one of our bee removal specialists inspect it for free. We will be able to determine if its a temporary swarm or an established hive.

Depending on the status, we will recommend a suitable service for your situation. Generally, swarms will leave in 1-3 days since they are only waiting as scout bees search the surrounding area for a ideal nesting spot. Their selection is not random, they choose depending on a variety of factors. So, without prevention techniques in place, your home can become a hot spot for bee nests. Your home offers the shelter and is near the resources a bee colony can thrive.

But what your situation is, we have the knowledge and the crew to effectively get rid of bees and prevent them from returning.

Guaranteed Services To Help Remove Your Bee Problem

Bee removal is a specialized skill that requires special equipment and knowledge to protect yourself from injury and keep the bees gone. This type of service is our specialty so you can expect no more bees once we handle the job. Our technicians are trained specifically for bees and know their habits and behavior.

Our removal services include live bee removal and extermination. Live bee removals will collect the bees using a specialized vacuum and temporarily place them in a bee cage while they are transported to a nearby apiary. This has become a widely popular option with the recent decline of domestic honey bees being in the media. The other option, exterminations, are effective and quick. We use 100% EPA-approved products and can eradicate bees of any size and any temperament.

Our prevention services cover you if a swarm or hives attempts to come back to your home. We recommend removing any honeycomb found in the roof eaves or wall voids. Our honeycomb removal & repair service will cut open a small portion of your home to access the comb. Then, all the honeycomb will be removed and treated to eliminate any pheromones that attract bees. Finally, the cut-out will be repaired to how it was before – guaranteed!

Contact us to learn more about our service and have a bee removal specialist determine how to get rid of the bees – for free.

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Having a bee problem is never fun, so we want to make the best of your situation – with a friendly staff and quality service. You can depend on us to be on-time and able to get rid of the bees. We have technicians in Riverside now ready to provide you with a free estimate.

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Actionable tasks that you can apply to prevent a bee infestation on your property!

Our specialists have offered you some advice to keep a bee swarm or hive away from your home. Preventing the problem is always easier than eradicating it. Use these top tips to keep your home bee-free... [ more ]

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