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Poway A Prime Spot For Honey Bee Nests

Poway also known as “The City In The Country” is not so much a rural community since the creation of its nickname. The expansion of homes and business development in suburbs around San Diego County make Poway a more densely populated city. With the expansion in Poway specifically, there are now more structures in the area than ever before.

Because of this, honey bees have more of a selection to choose where they will nest. Honey bees prefer homes and detached structures to nest because it protects their colony from external threats – including predators and weather conditions. Also, other areas like Lake Poway, Aubrey Park, & Starridge Park provide sufficient resources like food and water for bee colonies to thrive.

So if you are noticing bee activity on your property, give us a call to exterminate or remove the bees alive – free estimate!

Bee Removal Services Offered In Poway

Not every bee problem is the same, so there is not one way to effectively remove the hive or swarm. We offer full service bee removal options to ensure that the problem remains gone. From bee exterminations to live bee removal, we can get rid of the bees with our years of experience and effective techniques.

Bee Removal Services

  • Live Bee Removal
  • Bee Extermination
  • Honeycomb Removal & Repair
  • Scout Bee Treatment
  • Bee Proofing

Remove Bees Alive

Extermination is not the only removal option we offer. A live bee removal service will keep the bees alive, just not on your property. Our bee removal specialists can collect the bees using a specialized vacuum and transport them to a nearby apiary in San Marcos, CA. That way you don’t have a bee problem any longer, and the bees can continue to build their colony.

Live removals do take more time and skill than exterminations, but do contribute to fighting against the recent Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) epidemic.

If you would like to learn more about CCD, you can find more information at these sites.

Free Estimate For Bee Removal Services In Poway

Honey bees are not a nuisance when spotted during a hike in Mt. Woodson Trail or while having a picnic in Old Poway Park, but when bees invade your property…it’s another story. Bees should be removed soon after you notice them at your home – or the problem can develop into an aggressive hive with multiple structural vulnerabilites – including honey saturating the drywall.

But your solution to get rid of bees the right way is with Pro Pacific Bee Removal. Contact us today for a free estimate from a licensed and insured bee removal technicians.

Poway Bee Removal Specialists

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Noe Marquina

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