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Residing in gorgeous, sunny Huntington Beach is hard to complain about, but one drawback is unwanted honeybee nests. Although bees are much need for the environment, there is a place for them. And it’s not your home.

But you can continue enjoying the beautiful scenery and favored climate of Huntington Beach even when a bee problem is near. We have the solutions to get rid of the bees promptly and inexpensively. With one phone call or form submissions, we can have a trained bee removal specialist inspect the bee hive and provide a free estimate for you. And with your approval begin the service right after.

Guaranteed Service For Bee Hive Removal

All of our services are performed by licensed and experienced technicians to ensure the job is done right. You can be confident that your bee problem will be gone and won’t return. Choose from the following services to get rid of the bees:

  • Live Bee Removal & Relocation
  • Bee Extermination (EPA-approved products)
  • Bee Swarm Treatment

Then, make sure they don’t come back at a later date with these prevention services:

  • Bee Exclusion/Proofing
  • Honeycomb Removal & Repair

For more information on our bee service, visit our our Services Page.

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We know you’d rather be spending your time elsewhere (like at Bolsa Chica State Beach – that’s where we’d be), not on removing honey bees. So to make this unenjoyable occurrence more enjoyable as it can be, we make the process simple for you. Simply, contact us via phone or contact form (right) and we will have our customer service specialist schedule you soon. Our technicians in Huntington Beach are ready to help you extract the bees.

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Actionable tasks that you can apply to prevent a bee infestation on your property!

Our specialists have offered you some advice to keep a bee swarm or hive away from your home. Preventing the problem is always easier than eradicating it. Use these top tips to keep your home bee-free... [ more ]

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