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Noticing Bee Activity In Carlsbad?

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Common Areas For Bees To Nest In Carlsbad

Bees prefer to nest in locations that will hide them from predators and environmental threats. The good amount of residential structures and pollen selection, especially near the Carlsbad Flower Fields, makes this area a haven for honeybees. Also, the moderate temperatures found on the coast can keep the hive active year round.

When nesting on a residential property, bees will most likely choose inside roof eaves or irrigation boxes, and occasionally in trees. Each nesting location will provide its own level of difficulty for access to the hive – but we have the solution for a nest located anywhere.

Effective Bee Removal Services Offered In Carlsbad

Get rid of the bees via a live bee removal or extermination process. Our live removal option will keep the bees alive, just not on your property. Using a specialized bee vacuum, we will temporarily collect the bees in a cylindrical case, then transport them to a local apiary in San Diego County.

Our extermination process involves using EPA-approved products to eliminate the hive effectively. Our bee removal specialists are licensed for these types of treatments, so the beehive will be gone without a problem.

If honeycomb has been established our honeycomb removal and repair service will extract all the honeycomb and disguise any pheromone scents left behind. This ensures that another colony will not be attracted to this spot. See a complete list and description of our services in Carlsbad on our Services page.

Our Bee Removal Specialists In Carlsbad Are Licensed & Trained

You can expect a specialists that can answer your questions and get the job done right the first. Our technicians are trained and have up to 10 years of removing bees.

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Removing a bee hive you didn’t want in the first place is unfortunate, but we promise to provide friendly customer service and effective bee removal techniques to make the best of the situation and get rid of bees soon. Contact us today to schedule a free, no-obligation estimate!

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Actionable tasks that you can apply to prevent a bee infestation on your property!

Our specialists have offered you some advice to keep a bee swarm or hive away from your home. Preventing the problem is always easier than eradicating it. Use these top tips to keep your home bee-free... [ more ]

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