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All Is Fun Until Bees Show Up

Buena Park was named one of the “Most Fun” small towns in the U.S. With multiple attractions like Knott’s Berry Farm© and Medieval Times©, the fun can seem endless. However, a sudden invasion of bees on your property can bring that fun to a screeching halt.

With Pro Pacific Bee Removal, we want to remove the bee problem without disrupting your regular schedule. Our goal is to be prompt, communicative, and professional – it’s guaranteed! That way you have nothing to worry about and the bee problem will be like it was never there. You’ll be back to your regular schedule – for either work or leisure – in no time.

Our Service Offered For Bee Hives & Swarms

Depending on the length of time the bees have been present on your property, a different service is recommended. That’s why we like to schedule a free inspection and estimate to determine the service that is right for you.

Our bee removal specialist will thoroughly inspect the area with bee activity and offer you a recommended service with its associated cost. From there you can decide if you would like to get started. The estimate is non-obligatory.

Our service range from prevention techniques to extracting honeycomb from the structure.

  • Live Bee Removal
  • Bee Extermination
  • Scout Bee Removal
  • Honeycomb Removal & Repair
  • Bee Proofing

Is Honeycomb Removal Service Necessary?

Honeycomb removal is only necessary if any honeycomb has been established inside any enclosed area of your home. The honeycomb will contain scents called pheromones that can attract other colonies. The colonies will sense the honeycomb and move in – creating another bee problem for you. Our honeycomb removal service extracts the honeycomb and disguises any pheromone scents. You can be assured that bees won’t bee back – guaranteed!

Read more about the necessity of honeycomb removal from these educational sites.

Bee Removal Specialists In Buena Park

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Actionable tasks that you can apply to prevent a bee infestation on your property!

Our specialists have offered you some advice to keep a bee swarm or hive away from your home. Preventing the problem is always easier than eradicating it. Use these top tips to keep your home bee-free... [ more ]

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