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Extracting a bee hive the right way requires more skill and knowledge than you might think. To show you, we have captured some footage of us performing bee removal services at various locations.

Browse the categorized links below to learn more about the quality and techniques we use for our service and about the nature of honey bees. Each link goes a page with the video and a description.

Featured Video

Live Bee Removal

Live Bee Removal From Rooftop in Orange County
Live Bee Removal From Ceiling In San Diego
Why Use Smoke During A Live Removal?
Uncommon (And Common) Places For Bees To Nest

Honeycomb Removal & Repair

Understanding Honey Bees & The Correct Removal Process
Complete Bee & Honeycomb Removal From Rooftop

Bee Extermination

Bee Extermination On Rail Transit Bridge
How To Make A Permanent Solution For A Bee Infestation
Bee Eradication From A Stadium Light Pole

Customer Testimonial

Customer Testimonial On Honeycomb Removal Service
Why Customers Chose to Save Bees – Testimonial
Customer Testimonial On Bee Eradication & DIY Attempt