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DIY Bee Removal

Prevent bee infestations on your own by being Proactive, not Reactive!

Below are some techniques used by our bee removal specialist to prevent a beehive from establishing on your property. These will not provide a place for the hive to nest and thrive. Remember, its much easier to prevent bees from nesting on your property, than it is to remove them!

  • Seal all cracks, crevice, openings on your home bigger than 1/4 inch
  • Fill or cover holes in trees or yard
  • Cover drains, attic vents, and irrigation boxes holes with window screen
  • Remove clutter on property (ex. Old appliances, overturned clay pots, tires, etc.)
  • Inspect your home regularly for any bee activity


While following these guidelines will reduce your chance of bees infesting your property, it is not guaranteed.

However, Pro Pacific Bee Removal does offer a 3 year warranty on bee proofing services. This service will eliminate all potential entries for bees to nest. If bees invade your property after your bee proof, we’ll send a bee removal tech out right away to get rid of the hive – at no additional cost!

Make it routine to check for any bee activity on your property. Catching the bee problem early will require less work & save you money.

It is not recommended to attempt a bee removal without proper equipment & experience – Call a bee removal specialist when bees are on your property!