Bee Removal Service In San Diego, Riverside, Orange County & San Bernardino. Free Estimates for bee extermination, live bee removals, and bee prevention services.
Effective bee control & bee removal techniques that come with a guarantee. All San Diego, Orange County, Riverside, & SB residents receive money-back guarantees on work.
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Bee Removal Service In San Diego, Riverside, Orange County, & San Bernardino Since 1997

Get rid of bees with our effective San Diego bee removal techniques. Honey bee swarms or beehives that locate on your property won't leave on their own - but you can have them gone soon with our guaranteed service! We identify the source and provide a solution, so they won't return. Free estimates in San Diego, Riverside, Orange, & San Bernardino.

Bee Removal San Diego

We specialize in bee eradication so that you receive quality service performed by licensed and insured specialists. Having bees nest on your property is usually not desired, so we strive to make the situation simple for you. Once you contact us about your bee problem - you're set!

A knowledgeable bee technician will arrive at your property as scheduled and provide a thorough inspection and guaranteed recommendations for removing the bees - all for free. With your consent, we can begin extracting the hive or swarm immediately.

Our bee relocation program allows honey bees to be collected alive and transported to a local apiary. Here, they can continue to thrive - just not on your property.

We offer a variety of services to keep bees out for good. We have been successfully doing so in San Diego, Riverside, Orange County, & San Bernardino County since 1997. Call now to schedule you free, no-obligation estimate today!

Bee Extermination

Have a bee exterminator remove the hive on your property. Removing bees alive is always encouraged but not always feasible. A bee extermination service is always a solution to get rid of bees. EPA-approved products are used to keep your property bee-free!

Bee Extermination
Live Bee Removal

100% chemical-free bee removal service! Get your guaranteed solution today without the use of pesticides. The entire beehive will be collected with our specialized bee-vacuum then transported to a beekeeper. Keep bees alive - just not on your property!

Live Bee Removal
Honeycomb Removal & Repair

A service offered to get rid of honeycomb and pheromone scents left in your structure after a bee colony has been exterminated or relocated. Extracting the honeycomb & disguising the scents will prevent bees from returning. Keep your home bee-free today!

Honeycomb Removal & Repair